As it’s World Environment Day today, we are looking at all of the work we do here at FTS Dyers to strive towards sustainability. We take our global footprint very seriously here at FTS Dyers. We recycle all of our plastic dye packs that are dismissed after the twisting and rewinding process. We then granulate them to be sent out and melted down to begin life once again.

Colourful Plastic Yarn Cones at FTS Dyers Ltd Colourful plastic yarn cones after they have been ground down and recycled at FTS Dyers Ltd

On top of this, all of our cardboard boxes are recycled for use every time we unpack them. All of the water we use in our machines is fresh from the river beside our mill, filtered and softened on site. We have also implemented two separate heat recovering systems for heating cold water and storing and reusing warm water to minimise our carbon footprint and increase productivity.